In Viña Sicilia one can find the Virgin of the Carosella , saint of the vineyards. Tells the story that in 1250, near the village of Estadillo in the mountains of the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain when the sun went down, two coal workers returned home with their cart full of firewood. Exhausted of carrying the wagon they could no longer continue and had to stop half-way. Minutes after, the virgin appeared carrying her baby on one hand and holding a grape cluster on the other. Full of energy, the workers arrived home safe. After this day, Faith grew high over the villagers and the site where the virgin was spoted, turned sacred. Since then the Virgin of the carosella became the Virgin of wine growers who raise their silent prayers with devotion and hope:

Virgin of the Carosella, Saint of the vineyards
Hope of those who were born near the hill.
Those who have hardly worked and grown the land
We ask for your protection and consolation oh saint of the vineyards
Inside the vines of my land there’s a hidden memory
In each row there’s love, in each Groove there’s sigh
In each leaf there’s hope.
And every hope transformed into clusters
Oh! Virgin of the Carosella.
That’s all we ask for.
Have mercy on us your sons.
That have claimed your name up in the skies.
Listen to our prayers
Help carry out our longings
To you our songs
To you our prayers
Virgin of the Carosella
Saint of the Vineyards