It is difficult for experts to believe that inside a canyon located over colombia’s andes mountains, exists a terroir where the vine feels much more comfortable than it does in the Mediterranean.

Viña Sicilia stands as a privileged site where the intense luminosity, steep loam soils, wide range temperatures, low relative humidity, low rainfall and the second sun phenomenon reflected by the cauca river, provide extraordinary fruits. Grapes full of sugars and polyphenols of great value.

Viña Sicilia is just 75 km away from Medellin, Colombias second most largest city. This area is one of our country’s most brightest regions, and eventhough day temperatures can reach 38-40 degrees celcius, during the it can drop easily to 18, giving the grape the amplitude enough to absorb aromas during the day, and preserve them through the night.

These privileged conditions allow us to have two anual vintages instead of one as the old continent and agentina or chile have. The first vintage occurs during february-March matching that of lower latitude countries. The second vintage on the other side occurs during August-September matching that of higher latitude countries.

Dry seasons in Viña Sicilia are harsh and with no mercy, and can sometimes reach 100 straight days without a raindrop. This causes sugars inside the fruit to concentrate and stay high explaining why our wines are highly alcoholic compared to others.

In our vineyard, variaties such as Malbec, Nero D’Avola, Catarratto and Grillo adapt easily and grow healthy, and as strong as a traditional ‘expert’ would want to prove our zone a non wine producing region, there would be no longer arguments to support this rusty old theory. Colombia has nothing to envy European countries or Argentina nor Chile.

Viña Sicilia’s wines are the reflection of what a XXI century terroir should be like:

Virgin soils, intense weather conditions, new ground elements and passionate working hands providing wines with mystic new aromas and flavours alluding the close relation between human and vines.

There is still a long road to walk.To improve our already 12 time winner wines, but furthermore, to massively eliminate the prejudice about high quality wines belonging exclusively to European countries or Argentina and Chile. To let the consumer know that good wines are made by sunlight, not by snow.

Carlos Bravo- Viña Sicilias Founder