Get away with la Toya

Get away with la Toya to Colombia’s most unique vineyard. The youngest and most awarded vineyard in our country. Here you will experience the history of wine and taste the magic of the Cauca Canyon. Let your soul ride free over the majestic colonial architecture of its...
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The Vineyard Virgin

In Viña Sicilia one can find the Virgin of the Carosella , saint of the vineyards. Tells the story that in 1250, near the village of Estadillo in the mountains of the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain when the sun went down, two coal workers returned home with their cart...
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VIÑA SICILIA: A XXI Century Terroir located over the Banks of the Cauca River

It is difficult for experts to believe that inside a canyon located over colombia’s andes mountains, exists a terroir where the vine feels much more comfortable than it does in the Mediterranean. Viña Sicilia stands as a privileged site where the intense luminosity, steep...
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