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Live the fortune of sunrise surrounded by vineyards and an infinite horizon framed by the canyon of the Cauca River.

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August, grape harvest month.

Book your quota and take the guided tour through our vineyard.

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Viña Sicilia

Boutique Hotel

Our hotel is an exclusive site where one can experience the facinating world of wine surrounded by vineyards located inside the inmensity of the Cauca Valley and the colonial architecture of the andean region with a touch of the mediterranean isle of Sicily.


Delight your palate with our exquisite Mediterranean menu accompanied by the best Colombian wine. Roasted vine shoots, paellas, and carefully selected and prepared seafood are some of our recommended dishes.

Wine SPA

Give your body a moment of harmony and connection with your soul inside our wine temple. A space where you can relax and feel the benefits of the grape.

Our wine therapy has the power to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers acting on fatigue and stress. A moment to pause and relax.


Located over the hillside of the Cauca river, this rugged geography of loam soils and wide brightness, gives birth to Colombia's best wine. A magical spot full of grapes, soil and passion where the mystical history of colombian wine takes place.

Our Wines

Meticulous sowings, manual grape harvest and milimetric fermentation processes make our wines a jewel for the palate. Our wines are the evidence of a dream that manages to break myths leaving high the name of our country. Viña Sicilia, Colombia's best wine.